The Geraldine Connor Foundation (GCF) is an arts organisation established in 2012 to continue the legacy of the renowned theatre director, educationalist and ethno-musicologist, Dr Geraldine Connor.

Geraldine Connor worked with people from all backgrounds to develop creative projects. Her magnum opus was Carnival Messiah; a spectacular music theatre production that reimagined Handel’s classic work Messiah, which fused music, dance and carnival into a truly memorable performance event. Carnival Messiah began life as a student project when Connor was a tutor at Bretton Hall and this inclusive engagement of young professionals and ultimately communities from across Leeds with legendary artists on a professional stage set the tone for what would become her legacy.

GCF aims to continue this legacy by creating a variety of creative projects that inspire others, be they artists, young people or communities, to experience exceptional art across diverse forms.

Ultimately, Geri was at the heart of a family of individuals whose lives were changed by her intense creative energy, her ability to see potential in people and her enormous generosity of spirit. We aim to grow that family further still.

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Carnival Messiah, Harewood House 2007 © Diane Howse
GCF Summer Revue 2013 © Diane Howse