Experience the sights, sounds and spirit of Carnival in all its cinematic beauty as Carnival Messiah comes to the screen.

Geraldine Connor’s epic reimagining of Handel’s Messiah was a cultural landmark in the Leeds arts scene. 10 years after it was last performed get closer to the action than ever before with exclusive footage and interviews from its last performance at Harewood House.

Featuring outstanding international artists, alongside the communities of Leeds, be prepared to be dazzled by the stunning costumes, voices and dance of the Caribbean.

Carnival Messiah was widely praised for its community engagement, bringing professionals, semi-professionals locals and international artists on to one stage. To this day the foundation is inundated with stories of the effect Carnival Messiah had on individuals and we are proud to say that we still work with many artists who played pivotal roles in the production.

The film has been created with thanks to Arts Council England Lottery Funding, Harewood House and Panoptical and has been directed by  Ashley Karrell. Using never-before seen high-quality footage we will take you back through the journey of Carnival Messiah, featuring the show in full and a rare interview with Geraldine herself.

We hope you can join us on the 16th September for what we hope will be a wonderful reunion for the people of Leeds and beyond.

*The Geraldine Connor Foundation wishes to thank Harewood House Trust (registered charity 517753) for permission to screen Carnival Messiah.
Carnival Messiah, 2007 by Paul Hodgson. Collection, Harewood House Trust. Courtesy of Marlborough Fine Art (London)

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