17 February 2017

5 minutes with an Associate Artist: Christella Litras

We interviewed our Creative Associate Christella Litras about her career so far and what to expect from her Creative Café on Singing and Vocal Techniques this Thursday 23rd February

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How did you become an artist?

C: I’ve always been an artist, I began playing piano aged 6 and my parents paid for my tuition and encouraged all of us to take up music. I made the decision to study music at college and pursue it as a career, but it was when I began meeting and working alongside other artists such as Geraldine that I started to feel like I was a true artist and deserved my place amongst them.

Who and what inspires you?

C: I love artists who are themselves and not trying to write for a particular artist or person or to look cool. I like artists who consciously try to project positive messages in their work to uplift people. Generally, I am inspired by strong people who try to make a difference.
Some of the artists who inspire me are Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott and Prince as well as the Greek folk musicians which my father played on vinyl throughout my childhood and who inspired my interest in world music and harmonies.

What was the proudest moment of your career?

C: My proudest moment has to be performing for Nelson Mandela in Trinidad alongside Carnival Messiah veteran Ella Andall.

What do you think are the challenges for young artists?

C: With all the peer pressure young people face I think it is difficult for young people to be themselves, the world is full of distractions and choices and people telling you how to look and how to be-so there isn’t time to meditate and grow as individuals. There are few positive role models for young people, whereas in my generation there seemed to be a lot, also lyrical content seems to be less positive and more abusive or carrying negative messages.

What can we expect from your Creative Café workshop?

C: You can expect a positive, welcoming environment in which to collaborate with like-minded people, explore your own talents and express yourself as an artist. We’ll be doing a series of exercises and vocal techniques alongside other activities. I expect you to come honest and ready to learn with a good vibe.

Where can we find out more?

To find out more about the Creative Cafe and register for updates CLICK HERE!
You can follow Christella and her performance group Caution Collective in the following places…

About Christella:
Twitter: @Christellamusic
Facebook: @Christellamusic

About Caution Collective:
Facebook: @cautioncollective
Website: www.cautioncollective.co.uk



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