21 Years Old

Rapper/Spoken word artist


Stage 1: Identification

Nikisha was recommended to the programme through attending GCF’s Creative Café sessions. Nikisha is a rapper and spoken word artist who is looking to create her own label and produce music professionally.

Stage 2: Interview

At the interview stage of the programme Nikisha informed us of her financial barriers.

Nikisha is very confident in her art form but would like some advice and guidance on how to release music professionally and learn about the business aspect to creating and producing music. She also struggles to record music as she does not have the resources or access to recording equipment.

Stage 3: Making the connection

Nikisha was interested in speaking to a young artist that has released their own music. She wanted an opportunity to meet a grime or rap artist to find out more about their experiences and ask for tips. Therefore, a connection was made with Denmarc Creary, an artist that The Geraldine Connor Foundation have previously worked with. Denmarc Creary is a songwriter, composer and music artist whose music is based off personal stories.

Stage 4: Meeting with Denmarc Creary

The meeting between Denmarc, Nikisha and a member of GCF was held at the GCF office. Nikisha prepared some questions for Denmarc and these questions steered the conversation.

  • What inspired you to become an artist?
  • Who inspires you the most?
  • When did you first start producing music?
  • How did you get into the music industry?
  • Do you have a manager or manage your music yourself?
  • How do you copyright protect your music?
  • Do you have any advice for me as a young artist?
  • Who have you previously collaborated with?

Denmarc and Nikisha shared their interests and passion for creating music and producing beats. The young artist advised Nikisha to focus on producing music as Nikisha mentioned that she was not recording as much as she used to. He also provided some advice on keeping a manager to help with her starting up and creating a label. They also discussed copyright protection of music, where Nikisha noted down to contact a copyright agency to find out more information on this.

Kisha performed a small piece of her spoken word, rapped one of her songs and showed Denmarc some of the beats that she had created. Denmarc also performed a short piece of his rap song and they both discussed preferred styles of music and song lyrics.

Towards the end of the meeting, Kisha spoke about arranging a second meeting once Denmarc was back from his holiday in Jamaica. Denmarc also made some suggestions for open mic nights for Kisha to perform at and gave a list of other artists that Kisha could speak to.

Stage 5:  Follow up

The meeting with Denmarc motivated Nikisha to focus on her music as she started to record music again. The action plan that we came up together during a catch-up session was to:

Studio 12
Use the mic, amp and editing resources at Studio 12 as well as attend upcoming workshops on producing music.

Business IP Centre
Set up a meeting with a business advisor who specialises in music in order to get expert advice on starting up music label.

Open mic nights
Perform at open mic nights and utilise platforms that are available in Leeds.